Common Uses of Hypnosis

By Kevin Linehan


Now that we have reviewed the common fears and misconceptions of hypnosis (July 04), and how hypnosis works to facilitate positive change (Aug 04), it is time to discuss the types of changes that can be successfully made using hypnosis.


The most common uses of hypnosis include smoking cessation, weight loss and reduced stress. Other broad uses include self-improvement, sports performance enhancement, eliminating apprehensions, pain management (with doctor approval) and psychic exploration.


I’ll list some examples within each of the major types of uses. As you read through them keep an open mind as to how you might use hypnosis to improve your life. Next month I will describe how you can make improvements in any of these areas at your own pace through self-hypnosis. At OnTrac Hypnotherapy we do offer a free, no obligation consultation should you like to learn more about how hypnosis can help you make the changes that you desire in your life.


Let’s start with a more detailed description of what I call the “Big Three”. The “Big Three” are by far the most common reasons clients visit a hypnotist or learn self-hypnosis. The Big Three are:


To become a non-smoker – Although hypnosis is one of the easiest ways to kick the smoking habit, too often those wishing to quit smoking use hypnosis as a last resort. In order to eliminate smoking there is a physical and a mental component. Most people that “try” to quit attempt to do so by working on the physical aspects alone. Studies have shown that nicotine is eliminated from the body after only 3 days. It is the mental aspect, the habit of smoking that derails most attempts to kick the habit, and all attempts that fail after the first three days. Imagine your old response to smoking triggers (lighting up when getting into the car for example) replaced by a healthier response without even thinking about it!


To become fit and healthy – Eat less and feel satisfied, exercise more because you want to, stop the habit of snacking after dinner without missing it at all. These are some of the suggestions used in hypnosis to help a client become more fit and healthy, more in control of their lives. Each program is individually tailored for maximum effectiveness.


Stress reduction – The process of hypnosis in a therapeutic setting is extremely relaxing. Imagine extending the benefits of that relaxation beyond the actual session of hypnosis or self-hypnosis. Imagine a tool that can be used at any time to reduce stress by bringing back the wonderful feeling of relaxation and comfort. All of this is possible through hypnosis.


Here are some more examples from several major categories that are commonly addressed with hypnosis.


Habit control – In addition to becoming a non-smoker any other habit can be addressed, such as nail biting, specific food cravings, spitting, oversleeping etc.


Wellness – Along with becoming fit and healthy or reducing stress there is also the ability to get a more sound sleep, motivation to exercise, and learning how to take more time for you without feeling guilty.


Self-Improvement – Improve your memory, test taking, spelling, study habits, ability to focus and other mental skills.


Sports enhancement – Take strokes off your golf score, improve your fielding or hitting, shooting accuracy etc.


Apprehensions – Fear of flying, crowded places, the dark, snakes, death, and the most common fear public speaking, etc.


Motivation – In addition to exercise motivation, motivation to return to school, improve career and eliminate procrastination.


Pain management – Dentist, chronic pain relief (with doctor approval), my business partner, Christine is certified in painless childbirth through hypnosis.


Psychic – Have lucid dreams, explore past lives, improve psychic ability etc.


Next month see this feature to learn how to use self-hypnosis in order to make any positive change on your own.


Kevin Linehan along with business partner Christine Clarke-Swift owns and operates OnTrac Hypnotherapy located at 11 Main Street, Atkinson, NH. Our mission at OnTrac is to help our clients make positive changes in their lives through the use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. We believe that by working directly with the subconscious mind, positive changes can be made quickly, easily and permanently. Visit us on the web at, email or call 603.362.8868. We offer a no cost consultation for anyone considering the use of hypnosis to make the positive changes they desire.

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